Veteran Shoemaker


Sixty-Five Years in One Factory

Frank Sherman of Middleboro, Massachusetts can show a record for continuous service in one shoe factory which we believe it would be hard to duplicate, having worked for Leornard & Barrows factory in Middleboro and is today, in spite of the fact that he is just past his eighty-first birthday, standing up to the bench, doing his work and holding his own against men who are much younger.

Mr. Sherman went to work as a boy for George Leonard, receiving for his services $.33 a day. He worked for him for two years. He then went to Leonard & Barrows in 1850, beginning in the Cutting Room, working on men’s heavy split shoes. He was for a time Assistant Foreman, then was given full charge of the room, and held the position of Foreman of the Cutting Room for 55 years. At the close of his 55 years of service, he resigned, and went into business for himself, but in a short time returned to the factory, and has since been a cutter. During all this time, he has never lost a day on account of sickness.

He has been married 60 years, and has two daughters and one son, the son, Mr. Frank Sherman, having been a cutter for 39 years, and being employed at the present time by the W. L. Douglas Shoe Company in the Montello section of Brockton, MA. He has lived in the same house for 44 years. and has always been interested in church, social and town affairs. He and his wife have been members of the Methodist Church for 50 years.

Information is from “The Three Partners”, an early publication of United Shoe Machine Company. 1915