Types of Shoes

Over the years shoes have been divided into three basic groups, based upon the method of attaching the outsole to the upper.

1. Cemented Shoes

2. Nailed Shoes - rare to non-existent today.

3. Sewed Shoes

Within each of these groups are several types of shoes in which distinctly different types of forming or lasting and structure are employed. Sometimes a combination of constructions are used.

Methods of Lasting - Version 2 (1).jpg

1. Cemented Shoes

a. Littleway Staple Lasted Cement Shoe- Flat Lasted

b. Tack Lasted Cement Shoe - Flat Lasted

c. Cement Lasted Cement Shoe - Flat Lasted

d. Silhouwelt and Cement Welt Shoes - Rib Lasted

e. Slip-Lasted Shoe - Force Lasted

2. Nailed Shoes

a. Nailed Shoe - Flat Lasted

3. Sewed Shoes

a. Goodyear Welt Shoe - Rib Lasted

b. Goodyear Turn Shoe - Rib and Force Lasted

c. McKay Sewed Shoe - Flat Lasted

d. McKay Welt Shoe - Flat Lasted

e. Stitchdown Shoe - Flange Lasted

f. Moccasin - Moccasin Seam Lasted

g. Littleway Lockstitch Shoe - Flat Lasted

h. Pre-Welt Shoe - Pre-Welt lasted


The chart below shows the Basic Lasting Methods in the upper portion and the Basic Sole Attaching Methods in the bottom half.